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How to tell the quality of the socks

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The way to identify is as follows: A: type selection. The main products that are sold in the market are synthetic fiber socks (nylon, wire, thin ammunition, etc.), cotton stockings and blends, interwoven, wool, real silk stockings, etc. According to season and foot, winter usually choose nylon socks and towel socks. Feet of sweat, cracked feet, cotton yarn or blended, mixed socks; Summer wear stretch card socks, real silk socks and so on; The spring and autumn period should wear thin bounce, mesh socks, five fingers socks and so on ~ B: the choice of size. The size of the sock is based on the size of the bottom of the sock, which is the tip of the sock. The general size is marked on the label. According to the length of the foot, choose the same or larger size, not suitable for small, small, small and tight feet.

C: the quality choice. Grade 1 selection: according to inner quality and appearance quality socks are divided into one grade, two equal, three equal products (all conforming products) and other foreign products. The general use of a grade of grade, the requirement is not high also can choose two, three equal goods. The choice of key parts: I) the socks and socks that are chosen are large and bagged, as close to the foot as possible. The size of the heel will cause the hose to droop and the hose to the bottom of the sock. When choose and buy, can not try on, as long as the socks face and garter bottom from the center line to fold, the average socks and socks heel ratio is 2:3 is advisable. II) the inspection of the elasticity of the stocking's mouth: the density of the socks is large, the width of the length is doubled, and the recovery is good. Its elasticity is small, and the difficulty of resetting the bar is one of the reasons why socks wear down. III) check whether the seam head is off the needle. A common sock seam is another procedure, which is stitched and worn. When choosing, look at the seam of the seam to see if the needle is smooth. IV) check for broken holes and broken wires. Because socks are knitwear, there is a certain extension and elasticity, general break silk, small hole is not easy to discover. According to the process of the process, it is easy to make a broken silk or a broken hole in the back of the set. So look up on the edge of the shape of the garter, the shape of the hosiery, and gently pull over. V) a check for the length of the sock. Because each pair of socks is optional, easy appearance is not long, general one grade is not more than 0.5 CM each.

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