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Why does the sock play the ball?

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Socks are made up of natural fibers -- cotton and bamboo; Synthetic fibers, such as polyester, synthetic fibre, spandex, etc.

The abrasion of fiber is compared: bamboo fiber < cotton fiber < polyester and other synthetic fiber

Socks wear process, the wear-resisting of natural fiber (cotton or bamboo fiber) first of all be ground breaking, synthetic fiber abrasion resistance is good, not easy to break, so, be ground breaking natural fiber winding in synthetic fibre, form a ball, this is the ball.

Socks, if they're completely synthetic, don't have a fiber break, but they don't get the ball, but they don't get soaked and sweaty, and they're very bad.

Socks if it is completely natural fibers, also won't pilling, fiber mill, napping, there will be no balls, wet absorption khan is good, not smelly feet, but there is no flexibility, not durable, cost is higher

So we usually require no ball is mainly composition ratio is reasonable, the general natural fiber content in more than 80% was good pilling resistance, wet absorption sweat at the same time, the foot feels very good!

Good socks want cotton gauze thin, the hand feels soft, of course, cotton fiber or bamboo fiber content is high the want to be better! The elastic fiber spandex is more than 5%, the elasticity is good, the polyester is more wear-resisting, if you breathe the first, the natural fiber content is high now good!

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