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Check the quality of the socks

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(1) during the initial inspection, sealed samples first and check, check the pattern, color, elastic, high heel, screw-type, hanging yarn, sewing thread are consistent, controlled process single spot check the socks off the plane at the same time.

(2) during the inspection process:

A. to master the quality standards of the order, check whether the same color socks veil and yarn color is consistent, firm mouth empty ring, screw-type rubber elastic, double yarn, wool needle, head with dilute dense road, head leakage stitches, slanting Angle, color flower, such as color defect.

B. quality test semi-finished products such as: high screw-type, screw-type wide, screw-type stretch, stretch, of socks, socks Angle horizontal stroke pulls, such as czochralski, semi-finished products weight whether meet the process requirements.

C. When checking the socks, after checking the sealed sample, check the sample for 30% of the time, and when the defective rate is 10%, the whole batch of socks are inspected or processed.

D. check should be embroidered on sample socks, design size, the color of the embroidery thread, location is correct, no holes, no broken needle, embroidered on the back of the backing paper residue, thread is cut clean.

The socks of the head of the foreign processing door, to check whether the seam is correct, whether the line is match color, the bottom line, the line of the line.

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